Body – Door Panel

This will walk you through front door panel removal in a Lexus GX470.  You’ll need a Philips screwdriver and a body trim tool. A slotted/standard screwdriver will work in place of a trim tool, but c’mon – we’re Lexus owners. Don’t go screwing up your interior to save $9. I used the following to install my speakers:

Metra 72-8104 Speaker Connector for Select Toyota Vehicles
Metra 82-8146 6″ x 9″ Front Speaker Adapter for Select Lexus and Toyota Vehicles

Use your trim tool and remove the plastic cover from behind the door handle.

Remove the window switch:

Remove the arm rest:

Remove the cover behind the mirror:

Remove the three screws that are now accessible:

If you can, remove this clip. I popped one off by pulling on the door panel (it broke the clip) and the other by prying it out with a trim tool (it did not break the clip).  If you can pop the center insert out, the whole clip should pull out nicely. I wasn’t able to do that.

Once that’s complete, the only things holding the door panel on are the retainer clips around the edge.  Pick a section of the door panel (I usually go near one of the bottom corners) and pull until you start popping the retainers out.  Work your way around the door panel and once they’ve all been removed, you will be able to lift the door panel out and up and disconnect it from the door. Keep in mind that the top of the panel is recessed to fit the door edge, so you will have to lift it up to remove it. Pay attention here so you have an idea of what you’ll need to do to reinstall the panel (i.e. you can’t just start smashing retainer clips in place – the whole top of the panel won’t be aligned properly).

Once the panel is completely free, disconnect the wiring harnesses from the forward side of the door panel:

If you are removing the panel entirely, you’ll need to remove the door handle and disconnect the courtesy light wiring.  I did not, as I was able to rotate the panel enough to replace the large speaker in the bottom of the door. This is easy, though – just pop the cables out of their retaining clip and remove them.

The 6×9 speaker adapters I used fit perfectly, but the one on the driver’s door was touching the door harness:

I simply clipped the offending corner off of the bracket with a pair of heavy duty wire cutters and then screwed it in place.  I used the screws from the OEM bracket to affix the new bracket, and the screws from the OEM speakers to install my DS18 MB69 8-ohm 6×9 speakers into the Metra bracket. The speaker screws are too small – they held, but are not tightening to my satisfaction so I will replace them when I go back in to replace my mids and tweeters.

Installation is reverse of removal.  Don’t forget to hook up all your wiring harnesses before seating the door panel!


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